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Retail Intel is a cloud-based service that seamlessly books your sales data directly from your store’s POS system to QuickBooks® automatically. Whether you use QuickBooks for Windows or QuickBooks Online, Retail Intel will save you time.

Retail Intel supports multiple POS systems, including:

Micros e7® to QuickBooks®

Micros 3700® to QuickBooks®

NCR Silver® to QuickBooks®

ShopKeep POS® to QuickBooks®

In addition, Retail Intel provides in-depth analysis of your store’s data, including multi-store analysis.

  • Wake up each morning to an email summary of yesterday’s performance.
  • Review weather info for your store for each sales day and its year-over-year comp sales date, to better understand the factors that affect your sales.
  • Find out which products are performing the best.
  • Group products any way you want.
  • Automatically track product price history.
  • Generate a sales goal calendar for your store in seconds.
  • Enter a desired increase % and Retail Intel will generate daily sales goals using year-over-year sales.
  • It even works for stores without a full year sales history.

ShopKeep is a registered trademark of ShopKeep POS, Inc. Micros is a registered trademark of MICROS Systems, Inc. Quickbooks is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc.  NCR Silver is a registered trademark of NCR Corporation.